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About Us


Rainbow Nursery has two sections. The first section offers a highly professional and friendly approach to childcare, whilst creating a homely atmosphere for the children under the age of three. Our playrooms are bright, light and airy. They are well equipped with a variety of creative activities, toys, puzzles, books and play equipment.

The second section has a more constructive system of education, whereby our children are introduced to activities that will develop their fine motor skills for mastering pencil control as well as a wide variety of themes to cover many topics ranging from farm and wild animals to modes of transport and plants and insects.

Research has proven that a child's early experiences have a great influence on their future academic success and life in general.  That is why we at Rainbow aim to develop your child intellectually, socially and emotionally using the best method children learn by and that is through play.

We also know that children learn by doing. That is why we use both Constructive and Free Play Methods with our children. Constuctive Play involves them solving puzzles (expand memory), stringing beads (develop pincer grip), arts and crafts (expression through colours and drawings) among several others. During  Free Play  children learn to be social by interacting with children of all ages, creeds and nationalities. We always encourage them to initiate their own activities and make their own choices to help build their confidence.

We strive to nurture and support your child's growth and development by letting them have fun, learn, feel secure, make friends and be happy.

Aims and Objectives

  • We aim to provide a healthy, safe and happy learning environment for all our children.
  • We monitor our activities carefully to make sure that everyone gets an equal chance to learn and develop.
  • We demand that our staff are capable of looking after all the children as well as have the ability to interact with them.
  • We guide the children through their stages of development for example:

                - Potty Training

               -  Eating and Table Manners

               - Pencil Control

               - Hand Eye Co-ordination

               - Memory Skill Development    

               - Etiquette         

  • We teach the children General knowledge such as the colours, shapes, days of the week, animals, nursery rhymes and basic science
  • We introduce the children to reading and writing the  alphabets and numbers both in the English and Arabic Medium thus preparing them for enterance to preschool.
  • We introduce the children to the value of cultural diversity by celebrating different festivals
  • During Story Time, we encourage children to develop their imagination by acting out the story and later have discussions on what the story was about.
  • We go on several outings during the year as part of our learning and  encourage parents and grandparents to participate in our outings.
  • We take great care to promote positive re-enforcement when it comes to dealing with discipline matters and always handle matters in a firm but gentle matter.

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