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We have prepared a list of FAQ's that will hopefully answer many of your questions. 

Are all the children together or are they divided into groups?

- The children are divided into six groups. Downstairs, starting with the youngest, we have the Tiny Tots followed by Busy Bees and finally Playgroup. Upstairs the first group is Nursery, then Reception I and finally Reception II. 

How is my child going to learn at Rainbow?

We don't just want our children to be literate i.e know their ABC's and 123's. It is important to us that our children develop in all aspects so that they become independent, well rounded individuals with a high self esteem.

We have a monthly theme covering a variety of important topics from 'Back to School' to 'Garden Theme' and these are thought to the children in an age appropriate manner. Children from the Pre-Nursery level are given a Monthly Report to show what the theme was about and how their child faired that month. 

Where possible we will also take them on outings so that the idea of the theme becomes more interesting and enjoyable.

What will my child be doing during the day?

Depending on the age and level of development of your child, we interact with them in different ways. For example, our 'Playgroup' have Free Play and Constructive Play. Free Play involves using the 'Free Play Area' where they play in the dress up box, or with the Tea Set or with the Building Blocks. During Constructive Play we do Circle Time and play games like 'Simon Says...'. They are all the time learning but through fun.

What kind of themes are you going to be teaching them?

Some of the themes include....

* ALL ABOUT ME - parts of the face, my family etc.

* ALL ABOUT FARM ANIMALS - what they are the sounds they make, what products they give us.

My child is not yet potty trained, is this going to be a problem?

Not at all, in fact we will help you potty train your child. Once he/she has settled down with us, and, on their cue, we will gladly help them transition from diapers to underwear. It is also interesting to note that the little ones tend to imitate the older children's behaviour. So when one of the older children asks to go to the washroom, everyone follows suit including the little ones!

I did not join the nursery at the beginning of the nursery year, do I still have to pay the fees in full?

As a general rule of thumb, yes you do. Please see our Fees and Payment Policies in our Policies and Regulations page for more details.

I am keen on joining your nursery but will be here for a short while, do I still have to pay for the full year?

It depends on how long you are joining our nursery for but basically, we require that you pay on a month to month basis if you are here for a couple of months or on a per instalment basis. You will also have to pay registration fees.

Do I get any sort of discount for siblings?

Yes you do. You will receive a 10% discount of the second child's fees.

What documentation will you require from me when I come to register my child?

We will need a copy of your child's birth certificate as well as two passport photos. If your child is still very small, we may also ask for their vaccination records. 

Will my child have to take part in the arabic sessions?

Generally speaking, children sit together when we sing nursery rhymes in arabic. However if you do not wish your child to pick up the arabic language we will make sure that during such sessions, they are being interacted with in a different setting.

Do you do religious studies with the children?

Yes, during the religious studies session, we separate the children for one session twice a week so that we can do Islamic studies. The muslim children have to follow some basic studies as a general rule from the Ministry of Education. We fully respect all religions and do not impose anything out of place on our children. Please rest assured that your child will not be made to sit down or asked to follow any other religion other than their own. Please refer to our Policies and Regulations Page for more details

My child is a fussy eater and I am concerned about his eating at the nursery

We understand that quite a number of children are fussy eaters. Please don't be too concerned, we ask you to provide them with a variety of foods they like to eat in little containers and we will do our best to make sure they eat. Experience at our nursery has shown us that when children sit together at meal times, they eat better because they note that it is part of a routine. A lot of children have improved their eating skills and have even learnt to eat a variety of foods with us at the nursery.

Do you prepare foods or do we have to bring food for our children?

At the moment, we do not provide your children with meals. We only provide them with clean filtered water and yoghurt.

We ask that you provide them with enough food because we have two meal times (at 9:00am and 12:00pm). We have a refrigerator to store perishable foods and a microwave to warm the food up.

What is your discipline policy?

Please visit our Policies and Regulations page for full details on how we deal with unacceptable behaviour like biting and hitting.

I still have some unanswered questions, how can I contact you?

You can call  Mrs. Celia Desouza on  0122358958. Alternatively you can email us at rainbownursery3@gmail.com

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