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This page provides a layout for the proposed nursery time-table 2019 - 2020. Here are some photos from past events.

Time and Dates around the world


 Calendar of Events for 2019- 2020



First day of nursery



Monday 19th August

(After Eid ul Adha)


Pyjama Day


Sunday 8th September


Halloween Party


Thursday 31st October


First Nursery outing



         Thursday 14th November


Mid term Party and last day of nursery



Thursday 19th December


Mid  term break

         Sunday 22nd December -                 Tuesday 7th January

First day of nursery after holiday

        Wednesday 8th January


Second nursery outing 

      Thursday 13th February


Mother's Day



Saturday 21st March 

Last day of Nursery and Nursery Party

            Thursday 30th April


Please note that these dates are just guidelines and may change. You will be notified of the dates as they near and of any changes should they occur. 


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