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Fees & Payment Policy

  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • One Third of the fees must be paid with the registration fees. These fees are also non-refundable.
  • Children with siblings will receive a 10% discount of the second child’s fees.
  • We regret there can be no reduction in fees for a place not used due to illness, holidays etc.
  • Fees can either be paid in full, in two or three instalments. 
  • For those parents paying in two instalments, the first instalment is paid by 7th August or with registration and the second instalment by the 7th October.
  • Parents paying in 3 instalments, will pay the first instalment with registration, the second instalment by 7th August  and the third and final instalment by the 7th of October. 
  • Failure to make these payments on time will result in a penalty charge.
  • If you choose to leave at anytime during the nursery year, you must inform the nursery ahead of time. We regret there can be no refund in fees for a place that is not used.
  • If your child is going to use the nursery's transportation then please note that the fees have to be paid on a monthly basis by the 7th of the month. For example for August, you need to pay by 7th August at the latest. Please also note that you have to pay for THE WHOLE MONTH. 

  • Discipline Policy
  • Physical punishment of any description is strictly prohibited.

  •  Any unacceptable behaviour is discussed with the child at the time in a language he/she can understand. On occasion the ‘Time Out’ is used to reduce a tense situation. A consistent method of dealing with each child is arrived at by discussions between the Principal and  parent.

  • The staff is expected to encourage socially acceptable behaviour of children by praise and practice.

  • The method of discipline applied depends on the age and stage of development of the child and he/she is always told why his/her behaviour is unacceptable.

Nursery property Policy

  • Children found intentionally damaging anything in the nursery, be it chairs, toys, books etc. will be given a warning and the parents informed of the behaviour.
  • If the matter persists, parents are responsible for paying the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged item.

Equal Opportunities Policy

  • In our nursery we take special care to treat every child as an individual by emphasising the value of cultural diversity through learning about different festivals and occasions.
  • We are careful to avoid negative statements that may lower the child's self-esteem. 
  • We respect dietary restrictions and religious injunctions and practices.
  • We provide services for children with disabilities and aim to give him/her the opportunity to lead a life, which is as normal as possible.

Food Policy

  • Rainbow Nursery aims to encourage children to eat a healthy and varied diet.
  • Essential social skills like using the bathroom and washing hands before and after meals will be positively promoted by the staff.
  • Fizzy drinks, chocolates, crisps and sweets are not to be brought to the nursery.
  • We encourage you to provide your child with a piece of fruit or vegetable everyday as part of five portions needed for good health and development.
  • We provide the children with filtered water and yoghurt during the meal times. A small fee is charged at the end of each month depending on your child's yoghurt consumption.
  • Children should have enough food packed for the two meal times. Breakfast is served following assembly and the second meal time is later in the afternoon.
  • Parents will be advised on their children’s dietary habits on occasion. We especially follow up with parents of fussy eaters and guide both parent and child until the child's eating habits improve.
  • Parents of children who are on special diets will be asked to provide detailed information to avoid the occurrence of food intolerance or allergies.
  • Staff sit with the children while they eat and help and guide the younger ones to improve their eating skills.
  • Children will be encouraged to develop good eating skills and table manners and will be given plenty of time to eat.
  • Withholding food will not be used as a form of punishment

Parents as Partners Policy

  • Our objectives are to provide parents with information about the nursery before their child starts.

  • We value a close relationship with our parents and understand that good communication between us and them is essential for a child's healthy development.

  • Our aim is to support and enhance your children's development.

  • Before the child starts at the nursery the parents and the child will be invited to a couple of "settling in" periods. During this time, the parents will talk to the child's caregiver and any special needs, health problems etc. will be discussed.

  • Parents will be given newsletters on a regular basis and be kept up to date with all matters.

  • A notice board is also available for general information.

  • Please remember to check your emails on a regular basis for photos and interesting sites we may come across.




  • Rainbow Nursery offers full day care for children under the age of 1 to 5+ years of age.
  • The children are put into groups depending on their age and level of development.
  • The nursery's opening hours are 8.00am to 2:00pm, Sunday to Thursday except for statutory  holidays. Exact dates of holidays are published in a nursery calendar each year. Please refer to the Nursery Events page.
  • Staff will arrive at the nursery by 7:30am to receive children whose parents work early and will leave after the last child leaves. Children cannot be accepted earlier or collected later than the agreed times without prior agreement to enable us to maintain correct child/staff ratios.
  • All children and parents must leave the building by 2:00pm.
  •  Failure to pick up your child on time will result in an extra charge.
  • If your child is sick and will not be attending the nursery, please notify the Principal.
  • Any child suffering from contagious illnesses must be kept at home to avoid making the other children ill. 
  • Should a child become ill at the nursery the parents will be contacted immediately.
  • Please make sure the staff are aware of your whereabouts if you will not be at your usual location so that if necessary we know how to contact you during nursery hours.
  • Medicines can only be administered at the nursery provided the parent/guardian has signed the appropriate authorisation form. Please rest assured that we always take permission again before taking any measures with your child.
  • A spare set of clothing and towel will be required and retained at the nursery.
  • Children are not to bring toys/jewellery, money or other valuables to the nursery. 
  • It is very important that we keep your child's records up to date. If any details you originally gave upon registration change such as mobile numbers, addresses or the development of new allergies, please inform the principal immediately so that the details can be amended.
  • If any person other than a recognised parent/guardian is collecting the child, please introduce them before hand. No child will be released without proper authorisation.
  • It is very important to let the staff know about any accidental/non accidental injury your child may have had at home.
  • All information concerning a child will be treated as confidential.  


























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